Important Questions for Class 12 Computer Science (Python) — Networking and Open Source Concepts

computer networks important questions class 12 computer science with python

computer networks important questions

Q 2. What are major types of networks and explain?

Q 3. what is the purpose of using router ?

Q 4. what is NIC ?

Q 5. what are the security concerns related to IOT ?

Q 6. the unique address of web page on the web is called_______ .

Q 7. a stand alone computer may also be referred to as host. (true / false)

Q 8. which of the following is not a type of cloud ?

(a) private (b) public © protected (d) hybrid

Q 9. write full forms for (i) POP (ii) SMTP (iii) DNS (iv) NIC

Q 10. which of these is the correct definition of a router?

(i) forwards data packets along a network
(ii) corrects errors that are found in data packets
(iii) a type of transmission media that provides the greatest bandwidth
(iv) a server within a network